If you want to enjoy a short holiday in New Zealand you will need the NEW ZEALAND citizen to send an invitation Visa, which entitles you to visit New Zealand for 3 months to 12 months.


You might need a visa to come to NZ on holiday, depending on where you’re from and how long you’re staying.

A general visitor visa (tourist visa) will normally allow you to stay in NZ for 3 months. You can apply for up to 9 months in an 18 month period, but more than 3 months will only be granted in special cases.

If you want to stay in NZ longer than your tourist visa allows, you can apply for an extension.

When you apply for a visitor visa, we need to know that:

  • you are in good health
  • you are of good character
  • a visitor visa fits your purpose for coming to New Zealand, and
  • you are a bona fide temporary visitor.

If you are granted a visitor visa you need to meet certain conditions during your stay.

  • You may not work while you are in New Zealand (unless you are granted a work visa).
  • You may not study for more than three months while you are in New Zealand (unless you are granted a student visa).
  • You must keep within New Zealand’s laws.
  • You must only stay in New Zealand for the time allowed by your visa.
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