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We established this company to assist individuals and businesses with their migration queries. Australia is the land of opportunity, where individuals come for better life, businesses need migrant workers and the Australian society also needs migrants to prosper. As a migration agent, we can assist everybody by providing true and reliable information and advice in a professional manner.

STEADFAST is a team of professionals that understand every issue of individuals that are trying to migrate to this nation. We assist our clients by providing migration advice along with assisting them in getting their career in right path. We do a detailed case study of each individuals, prepare a detailed plan and execute them in order to bring your hopes into reality.

Our Business Manager Mr. SANGAM KANNA YADAV is a registered migration agent for Australia and New Zealand. We practice our profession as per the code of conduct and assist our clients to get through the tough part of migrating into this nation. We provide you range of visa options to stay in this country with a clear vision to secure a permanent visa.

Right advice at right time given in the right way makes a big difference. If you are wondering what to do with your visa status and asking migration agents to what to do and still confused? Then you need our help. We can do a case study for you and give you the options you have with a plan. We provide free consultations, and our visa application charge is comparitively cheaper.

We also provide education consulting services. Australia and New Zealand is well known for education destination. We have helped thousands of students so far in choosing the right course, institution and secured them well paid jobs. If you are planning to study here then contact us, we will help you. There is no consultation fee for education consultations initially.

We also provide Recognition of Prior Learning. This is the process of converting your work experience into a formal qualification here in Australia. If you are looking for a better job, promotion on current job or apply for a working visa then contact us to find out what qualifications you need and how to obtain that. Our consultation on this is free initially

In our professional life, we have found many individuals wandering around to get the proper advice. We understand that individuals came to this country with the hope of

getting permanent visa. However, due to lack of planning and proper advice, they miss out. We understand the pain of this happening because we are also immigrants in this nation.

We provide a plan and pathway to achieve the status of Permanent Resident by doing the case study of yours. We advise you to plan properly on your immigration matters and be organized because you will save time, hassle and cost.

Please feel free to contact us with your problems, I assure you that you will be looked after.

Why choose STEADFAST ?

  • We provide quality service with reasonable prices.
  • We provide personalized service.
  • We provide free assessment on your case.
  • We provide unlimited free assistance and support upon signing. No further and hidden charges will occur. We can provide you a full service price or a per hour price to assist you in    your application.
  • We provide high level of communication with prompt reply.
  • Our dealings are friendly with our customers.
  • We put service and result before our charges.
  • We provide clear pathway to reach to Permanent Residency
  • We provide wide range of assistance available from the beginning of the visa application process to the review of the decision if required.
  • We provide discounts on referrals.
  • We provide case study in your case and provide suggestions in a reasonable price.
  • We understand your situation because we are also immigrants.
  • We provide more than just immigration service. We look after you.
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